Project Summary for Lino Lakes, MN Deck Build

During and after construction. Decking and composite for this porch/deck was Azek Brownstone PVC, variable width with vertical cable railing with Azek Kona PVC drink rail. Footings consisted of our favorite, helical piles. Trex Rain Escape underdecking was installed under the deck portion to divert rain water away from the patio below to a gutter system and downspout. Trex wedge post lights and stair riser lights were installed and wired to a transformer that is remotely controlled by an app on the phone. We also rough wired in for a future fan in the porch ceiling.
Our goal was to optimize viewing with minimal post obstruction for both the basement and porch view. This was accomplished with glulam beams for both the deck support and porch roof support. Glulams are heavy duty, treated 2×6’s glued together (approx. 11-12 total) for maximum strength allowing large post spacing and in this case approximately 15’. The industrial strength fiberglass Screeneze was used as well as they are one of a few companies offering large sized screen. The downside to using glulams is larger loads to footings and in this case one footing ended up going down 21’ to obtain adequate soil bearing capacity but the homeowner was told by the builder that there was soft soil conditions near the house and the additional cost was understood.

One challenge that we knew existed and didn’t know how to exactly address was how the porch roof trusses would intersect with the existing hip roof line above the porch door. We ended up with two options – either raise the entire porch 10” to fully encapsulate the existing roof structure or to remove it entirely. Both options would have worked but we ended up removing it entirely and reinstalling the siding and insulation that was removed before connecting the porch roof. Turns out we guessed right as removing everything wasn’t difficult at all. Sometimes you get lucky.

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