FAQ’s for Deck contractors and Deck builders

100% of our services are related to building, remodeling or servicing decks or porches.  If you ask a person who builds bikes for a living to build you a fishing boat they may very well be able to but the end result is most likely not going to be the same as a person who strictly builds boats for a living. Hiring someone who strictly builds decks will give you better quality, better prices due to better lumber yard relationships and better overall customer satisfaction.

We will always provide a conservative estimate the start date of our project.  We work hard to keep our talented crews busy and the estimated wait time can vary between one to two weeks or a couple months.  Ever since Covid home remodeling companies, especially exterior home remodelers, have been extremely busy. If a company representative says they can start your deck next week that could be concerning. With the high demand of home exterior remodelers and insufficient number of companies, they better have a good reason why they don’t have a small list of projects lined up.

Based on our initial visit or conversation we are happy to provide our suggestions along with a schematic drawing.  It’s always good to have a visual of what you may be spending $10-30,000 so its worth asking. If a contractor writes up a quote on carbon copy and offers ‘a discount’ for signing up we strongly suggest saying NO. You deserve a professional estimate with designs, reviews, suggestions, portfolio and much more.

Although it’s sometimes difficult keeping up with the posting of new decks as we construct hundreds of decks a year we do our best.  Galleries of previous decks are the backbone of any legitimate deck company’s work.  If a company cannot provide at least 20 pictures of previous decks within the last 3 years it may be a red flag.

Keeping and reusing an existing framing can save a lot of money.  But this can only be accomplished for the right situation.  Sometimes the joist spacing won’t work for new composite decking, there is obvious rotting or unstable construction, it can vary.  Even if the framing for the deck remains the old stair stringers (stair framing) should be torn down, removed and replaced with new stringers.  We’ll give you our professional opinion.

An under decking system prevents rain water from entering the area beneath a deck keeping it dry.  There a number of different under decking products on the market today.  Do you want any fans, recessed lighting and a nice finished under decking ceiling? Perhaps you want just a nice ceiling that doesn’t allow rain water to pass through. We’ll help you decide the right choice that fits your budget.