Project Summary for Inver Grove Heights, MN Deck Build

This massive 700 SF deck which wrapped around 3 sides of a large house consisted of Trex Toasted Sand with Westbury railings and Spiced Rum drink rail. Footings were our favorite once again helical piles. It was rather unique as 2 large sections were 'redecks' where we kept the existing framing and with one section between the 2 'redecks' that was all new framing and decking and railing. We had several challenges, which we love, on this job.

There were major problems with the existing framing beams we had to correct on one of the 2 'redecks' but it had to be done and the home owner saw it, approved it and paid for it. Over the years the structural framing on decks can settle, bend, warp and deteriorate from rain but its hard to tell until you tear it apart.

The pile installers breached the Comcast internet line (they never marked them which they were supposed to but sent the repair crew out immediately) which was a major inconvenience for the home owner and lastly there was a septic tank very near to one of the pile footings that brought the project to a standstill. We had to hire a reputable septic company to come out and mark the pipeline from the house to the tank for precaution.

At the end of the day (or project) we completed this big guy one week before the customers deadline as they had a wonderful bridal shower party to break in the new deck

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