Project Summary for Hudson, WI Deck Build

Trex Tiki Torch Transcend decking with white PVC fascia and post wraps. Diamond pier dp50 footings and the WI required stair support footing to keep the cheddar head people stable when walking down the stairs (MN loves to be a little risky as this is not required but its just as safe imo). Bronze colored Westbury railings. The local zoning ordinance limited these 'decks' to 32.5 SF so that's why they're so small.

The last picture is a great example of the difference between a Rosebud stairs and how most others are constructed. You can see in the background how the sides of the stairs are simply covered up along the entire sides. We call this the 'lazy man' way of building stairs as its much easier and faster but it collects A LOT of leaves and other debris if there are trees around and is hard to sweep clean. Our stairs have a terrific looking picture frame design and is wide open for easy cleaning and better aesthetics.

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