Project Summary for South Minneapolis, MN Deck Build

Red Cedar wood decking with Westbury C-10 railings. The old deck completely collapsed due to poor and non-code compliant construction combined with heavy snow loads and finally an unknowing child sliding down a zip line attached to a tree and the top of the spiral staircase. Thankfully the child was ok. Since we could not confirm a positive connection to the house framing we had to construct this as a ‘free standing’ deck. This means the support is from a beam and footings rather than a ledger board connection to floor trusses. Due to the limited space we had to install the much more laborious concrete footings. Having no knowledge of the underlying beams and utilities created a handful of challenges during the construction but we got er done. We reused the old spiral staircase and installed a footing strictly for the staircase as previously it was just supported on top of the deck – a major no no. We love these unique projects.

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