In March of this year, we received a contact form for a White Bear Lake deck replacement project.  The homeowner had previously declined our deck replacement estimate in 2022 due to COVID-related reasons.  We promptly resubmitted an estimate, which was approved, and we commenced work in April. Despite facing a two-week delay due to heavy rain, we efficiently completed this project. 

The task at hand was no small feat- a complete removal and rebuilding of a larger deck with a completely different and simpler layout. Our team’s dedication and efficiency were crucial for ensuring the project’s success.

The decking consists of a Timbertech/Azek Boardwalk for a primary, picture frame, drink rail, stairs, and railings consisting of the high-end and classy Westbury C-80 Verticable.  The support posts and beams were also wrapped in this Azek Boardwalk decking.  This PVC decking board has been known to stay cooler during the mid-summer hot and sunny days compared to composite decking made of recycled wood and plastic.  This White Bear Lake deck replacement project doesn’t face directly south but does receive a lot of sun facing west, and the customer wanted to take advantage of the features of this decking product.  Footings are diamond pier DP50s.

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