Project Summary for Stillwater, MN Redeck

This Stillwater redeck project contained Trex Lineage Jasper main decking and drink rail with horizontal cable railing by ADI RailFx. Previously, there was a 36” wall with siding along the entire deck, which completely blocked the lake view. This was a very unique ‘redeck’ where the previous deck joists were cantilevered and extended through the house walls and supported by a double 2×12 beam. The joists were 32” apart, and Trex requires a maximum spacing of 16”.

Working with a structural engineer and the city, we were able to install ‘mini’ ledger boards between each joist and then install a new joist between them to meet the manufacturers’ requirements. We also had to install five new footings and posts to support a new beam. Footings are helical piles and were installed by our partner Goliathtech MN. The house design was post-modern architectural from the 70s or 80s, so it was quite a challenge, but we LOVED building it. Great job by Jerry, Antonio, Danial and Edgar. If you like this Stillwater redeck project, contact us today to request a project quote of your own!

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