Project Summary for South Minneapolis, MN Deck Build

Trex Foggy Wharf main decking with Clamshell Grey accent and Westbury C-10 railings. This was a complete removal and replacement in the same footprint. We installed joist tape over all the joists for protection and longevity. This deck faces the street so curb appeal is important so we used brown treated southern pine for supports and the drop beam. The deck actually sits directly over a concrete slab garage roof so the support posts anchor bolts could not penetrate more than 2” (to not breach the protection) and more importantly had to get approval from the city to reuse the slab for support which is a lot of the times easier said than done. If they would have given us push back it could have turned into a nightmare to complete this project. The previous deck stood for over 25 years and that alone says a lot, however, some plan reviewers can be unyielding.

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