Project Summary for Oakdale, MN Deck Build

Before and after pictures. The new deck is brown treated cedartone decking with Westbury C-10 railings. This was a complete deck replacement along with repairing and leveling of the porch. The previous concrete footings, which were probably constructed to code, heaved upwards between 5-10” creating a mess for both the deck and porch. This happens a lot in cohesive soils in Oakdale and Woodbury and we’ve completed many similar projects.

This project was in 4 phases – removal of the old wood deck (along with old concrete footings protruding from ground surface), installing new helical footings for the deck and porch, installing a new glulam beam and leveling the porch and lastly building the deck but the homeowner decided to skip the stairs on the new deck to save a few bucks. Helical piles are the best footings money can buy (imo) and are the only ones to use after concrete footings are heaving and sticking out of the ground and making life miserable for homeowners.

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