Project Summary for New Brighton, MN Redeck

This New Brighton redeck project required Timbertech/Azek Brownstone PVC for the main Azek Kona PVC for the picture frame and drink rail and Westbury C-10 railings. Additionally, we wrapped the support posts and beams with Azek white PVC. We received a website contact form where the homeowner was interested in receiving bids for the ‘redeck’ of his main deck in addition to their bedroom deck. In addition, they wanted us to rebuild the stair mid-landing in its entirety and replace one of the support posts, which appeared to be an old telephone pole that was serving as a post. Upon replacing it we found out the footing was wholly insufficient, so we poured another footing that was now code-compliant. Also, the drop beam for the bedroom deck was underbuilt, so we replaced it with a code complying double 2×10 beam.

As the low bidder, we started this project after about 2 weeks after signing the contract when we estimated our start ETA to be between 4-5 weeks (for some reason, it always seems to make the client happy when we show up weeks earlier). The deck rebuild project took approximately 2 weeks to complete due to losing a couple of days to weather, but it was finished before the date we indicated we would start the project. Another fantastic job by Mark, Darvin, Carlos, Ty and Marcus. Excellent job guys. If you like this New Brighton redeck project, contact us today to request a quote of your own!

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