Deck Rebuilding Project Summary

We received an inquiry for this Maple Grove deck rebuild project through our website contact form back in the summer of ‘23 and, after visiting and emailing an estimate, didn’t hear back from the customer until late November, indicating they were ready to go with us to begin their deck installation project. Their current wooden deck was dated, needed painting and, more importantly, had footings popping out of the ground up to 6”, making for a very uneven and kitty-wampus deck that is just hard to walk on.   

After we removed the entire deck, our partner, GoliathtechMN, came in and installed helical piles adjacent to the existing useless concrete footings.  We undertook the deck rebuild in the same footprint but ran the stairs straight down without a mid-landing.

The main decking is a new Trex Lineage Jasper color with a Trex Transcend Lava Rock accent and white PVC for fascia and risers. The railings are the very popular aluminum Westbury black C-10 railings. 

If you are ready to start your deck rebuild and create the deck of your dreams, contact us today!